Why Should you Get A Mattress Protector For Your Bed

19/03/2020 14:49

After speaking with some our customers, we’ve come to realise that there is some confusion about what a mattress protector actually does. Many don’t see why it’s a good idea to get one, especially if they have just bought a new bed. In this post, we’ll be providing you with some of the features and benefits of getting a mattress protector for your bed.

Keeps things clean

The fact of the matter is t

hat our bodies are not kind to beds. Not only do we perspire throughout the night, we also expel oils and shed dead skin cells as we sleep. All these substances can and do soak through the sheets, and penetrate the mattress, and are close to impossible to remove. A mattress protector blocks these substances, and can be taken off and washed, which means you get to enjoy a cleaner mattress for longer.

Keeps you comfortable for longer

If any of the abovementioned oils and per

spiration penetrate the foam of your mattress, it will start to show signs of wear. This means that the mattress will, over time, become less comfortable to use. This, of course, means you will probably need to replace it much sooner than you would have liked.

Keeps those allergies and dust mites at bay

Dust mites are one of the realities of a night’s rest. These little critters eat your skin cells, which a mattress protector keeps away from your mattress. This means you won’t have as many incidences of dust mite allergies, as most of your skin cells won’t get into the mattress in the first place.

Great for your warranty

Most mattress purchases have a clause in the warranty that voids it if there is a stain on the mattress. This means that if you accidentally spilt something on your mattress, without it having a mattress protector on, you’ll be stuck with it, or have to buy a new one.

Keeping a mattress protector helps to ensure that your bed does what it has to do, give you a comfortable, clean and restful sleep, every night.

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