Why A Gel Mattress Might Be the Answer

19/03/2020 14:49

We’ve all been there, waking up at 3am feeling uncomfortably hot, sweating, and desperately searching for a cool position to help drift back off to sleep. For many, especially us living down in Melbourne, this is only an occasional nuisance but for some this is a nightly battle. Most start with blaming their mattress. In fact there are many other reasons for feeling too warm at night. Here are the top five most common causes:

1. Alcohol. Unfortunately there is a whole range of reasons why reaching for that second glass of wine (…or third…ah might as well finish the bottle) can interrupt sleep. One of the biggest problems is that alcohol inhibits thermoregulation. This means your body isn’t able to keep itself at the right temperature. Putting it simply, alcohol consumption before bed makes for a hotter, sweatier, night’s rest!

2. Heating. On these cooler winter nights people like to go to bed feeling nice and snug. They set their heating to a warm setting and nestle in for the night. The body needs to be relatively cool in order to fall asleep. Throughout the night your body continues to expend heat, under the covers becomes too hot and you end up tossing and turning. A room temperature of around 18 degrees is good for sleep but of course this can vary depending on the amount and type of bedding you have.

3. Weight. It’s a tricky topic but carrying extra kilos can mean you often feel hot. Fat is a great insulator and so the more of it you have the more potential there is to feel hotter when trying to sleep. If you add to the mix a soft bed that clings to your every curve you can be left sweating and cursing all night long.

4. Partners. They’re fantastic, useful and hot! Too hot! We may well like a cuddle when we first get into bed but sleeping too close quarters with your other half can be stifling, especially if you have an older mattress that has a natural dip in the middle! To get a good quality of sleep we need a nice cool space of our own to drift off into the land of nod. I’m not saying its time to ditch your partner but if your room and wallet can handle a bigger bed then that could be the way to go?

5. Medical condition (or effects of certain medicines). There are some medical conditions and medicines that cause symptoms such as night sweats. Hormonal changes can also be to blame. If you are concerned then go and discuss it with your doctor.

If you can’t handle the thought of a life without that extra glass of wine or cheeseburger and the thought of not spooning your ‘shnookums’ for a full 8 hours a night get’s you welling up with emotion then there are a range of mattresses (and pillows) that can help!

Gel infused mattresses & Pillows

The gel particles can be combined with a range of materials; Foam, Visco Memory Foam and even combined with Natural Latex. Here comes the science bit; the gel particles are what is known as ‘phase-change’ materials. What these fancy gels can do is change from a solid to a liquid and in doing so absorb large amounts of heat. Which in super simple terms means: hot body on gel infused mattress – gel mattress moves heat away from surface – body doesn’t feel as hot! J Zzzzzz