What Does Posturepedic Mean?

11th Apr 2019

When it’s time to buy a new mattress, we often rely on the opinions and recommendations of others. The problem with these recommendations is that most people don’t know a lot about what the specifications actually mean or how they can affect your sleep.

For example, how many times have you been told to “get a Posturepedic mattress”? I would say more than a dozen times. But what does Posturepedic mean? The word ‘Posturepedic’ is a type of titanium alloy spring used by Sealy. That specific spring is designed and used in only Sealy mattresses, and that is all the word means.

We also have our own type of exclusive spring called the Chiro Flex-ES Spring System. This is an entire spring system designed to offer extra support while using a more classic type of spring. A more modern type of spring system that we use here at Chiropedic Mattress Factory Direct is our wide range of Pocket Spring Systems. These include the 3 Zone Indie Coil, the 5 Zone Indie Coil, 5 Zone Support Plus, and 9 Zone Ultra Coil Pocket Springs. We are proud to offer such a wide range of No Partner Disturbance mattresses. We tested the system with the owners of Her Posture, a company that offers a huge range of posture braces and the professional consensus was the best possible posture corrector is a preventative one. It was refreshing to hear from the owners of these posture correctors who said that the best thing to do is avoid a posture brace with a posturepedic mattress! 

Now, what do we mean when we say “no partner disturbance”? Here at Chiropedic Bedding, no partner disturbance is the result of the way our Pocket Spring Mattresses are designed. Pocket Spring Units consist of a group of steel coils individually wrapped and sealed in durable fabric pockets. These pockets are then attached at the centre of the spring to their neighbours so the top third and bottom third can move freely without the spring next to it moving.

The spring systems used in mattresses are important to understand prior to purchasing a new mattress. Our Chiro Coil Spring System is Heavy duty and is based on a more classic design. The Chiro Flex-ES Spring System is exclusive to Chiropedic Bedding as it offers a Knotted offset spring that is 60% stronger than a standard Bonnell spring.

Now that you are able to understand the importance of these Spring Systems, head into any one of our Showrooms located in Braybrook, Ballarat, Craigieburn, Essendon, Hoppers Crossing, Nunawading, Pakenham and Shepparton, to try out the difference.