Searching For The Right Mattress : It's All About You

Searching For The Right Mattress : It's All About You

19/03/2020 14:49

Once upon a time, buying a mattress was quite simple and easy. There were only a few options on the market, only 3 feels available – soft, medium and firm, and the only variable was the price. I don’t know if the mattress buying process was easier back then or if we as consumers just didn’t know much about mattresses and just accepted what the sales people would tell us.

What I can tell you is that the mattress buying process has become much more complicated with all the advancements in technology. The first thing I did before trying and testing the Elite Latex mattress was research. In this day and age, we research everything so my google history showed the following searches: what’s the best feel of mattress for back pain? What’s the difference between gel and latex? What is the difference between memory foam and gel? Do mattresses need to be flipped and rotated?

This research showed so many mixed results, some people with back pain said the firm feel was better for their backs, but then others would say the soft feel was better. If that wasn’t confusing enough, when I asked my mum she told me just a medium mattress should be suitable because that is what I have always slept on. So at that point, I felt my question couldn’t be answered and that’s when I realised that no one can TELL you which feel is better for you because they can’t feel your pain and comfort. The only solution was to go into a showroom and start trying them out. To be honest, this was the most fun stage of the buying process. I must have lain on over 30 mattresses with feels ranging from soft, medium soft, medium, medium firm, firm and ultra firm. After trying them all out, I found that a medium firm feel suited the support I wanted to feel in bed every night.

Now that the feel had been decided upon, I asked the bedding expert in the showroom about the different materials used in the mattresses from the medium firm feel range. And he responded with “what kind of sleeper are you? Are you quite warm or cold during the night?” now I thought that was an odd question because no one had ever asked me that before. Personally, I am very cold at night; I’m the girl with fluffy bed socks, thermal pyjamas and 3 blankets over her doona. So he suggested to me a latex mattress might suit my body temperature better because latex has a long history of keeping body heat at a neutral state (i.e. not too hot or too cool). He also told me that latex can often last up to 20 years and is one of the most natural materials still being used in mattresses today.

When it came to the price aspect, I found the Elite range was within my price range and they also offered a 15 year warranty and free delivery with the mattress. Another great bonus was that my mattress was actually going to be manufactured here in Melbourne and delivered to me within 48 hours! So when I got it home I was like a child at Christmas. My first week sleeping on the mattress felt quite firm which I enjoyed because I slowly felt my spine aligning during the night. Soon after, it softened up a bit and the best way to describe it is to say: it’s soft yet supportive.

So when it comes time to buy a new mattress, do your own research, try out as many mattresses as possible and make a decision on how YOU feel, not what someone else tells you is right for you.

This mattress has been tried and tested and it is still my honest opinion that it is the right mattress for me!