Pocket Spring Mattress - Why Are They So Popular?

19/03/2020 14:49

What is all the talk about Pocket Spring mattresses and why are they so popular?

Most mattresses are made with Pocket Springs in their support system for many reasons; first they are great at distributing and supporting your body weight evenly. They evenly support 2 people of 2 different body weights and offer no partner disturbance. This support system has become increasingly popular as they can be used to easily generate 3 different feels – soft, medium and firm. Pocket Spring units consist of a group of steel coils individually wrapped and sealed in durable fabric pockets. These pockets are then attached at the centre of the spring to their neighbours so the top third and bottom third can move freely without the spring next to it moving. Spring counts vary based on the size of the mattress and how many layers of pocket springs are inside.

Here at our own mattress factory in Braybrook, Melbourne, our mattresses are filled with a range of different pocket spring systems - 3 Zone Indie Coil, 5 Zone Indie Coil, 5 Zone Support Plus, and 9 Zone Ultra Coil Pocket Springs. What’s great about having such a wide range of support systems is that we offer a wide range of feels and comforts to suit all needs. There is also no industry standard for the terms ‘soft’, ‘firm’, ‘medium soft’ etc. which means it depends on the customer themselves. This means that with the use of Pocket Springs, we can alter the mattress feel slightly and it won’t affect the support these springs are offering you.

The idea of Pocket Springs was actually invented in 1900 by a man named James Marshall but did not become a popular standard support system in the mattress industry until many decades later. In this day and age, almost everyone has a mattress with pocket springs because of all the great benefits they offer.

Overall, it seems that Pocket Spring mattresses are becoming the norm for consumers as they continue to demand mattresses that are long lasting, supportive and come in a wide range of feels. Pocket Springs tick all the boxes and won’t be going anywhere for a long time!