Minimal Partner Disturbance Mattresses

19/03/2020 14:49

Ok so lets put aside the trespassing, stealing & damage to property and look at why Goldilocks managed to fall into such a free and blissful sleep. She didn’t settle! She kept trying until she found a bed that was just right. But how do we find ‘just right’ I hear you shout?

‘Just right’ is different for each and every person but there are some fundamentals that are seriously going to help you on your way. One of the most important things to consider when finding your just right mattress is the spring system within it. Now I’m not sure if the bed Goldilocks chose had a pocket spring system but I’m guessing it did!

Here are the main reasons why a pocket spring system will have you catching zz’s faster than you can say ‘argh-there’s-a-weird-girl-in-my-bed’;

Minimal partner disturbance

This means when your partner starts moving around in the night you won’t have to join in the horizontal solo samba (unless you want to).


Spinal support & body contouring

As you lie down each little pocket spring moves on its own. This means that whatever your body shape the little pockets of goodness will be flexing to fit you just right and support you in all the right places.

Air circulation

If you or your partner get’s hot at night then pocket spring mattresses have the added bonus of great air circulation. Each individual pocket spring is hollow so allows movement of air in the mattress making you feel cool as a cucumber.



Pocket spring systems last longer than others so your money stays in your pocket for longer and you don’t have to go out looking for a new one quite as often. Which means less of lying on other peoples beds for a whole day. Unless, like Goldilocks, that’s your thing!