Kids And Sleep

19/03/2020 14:49

Whether your baby is still in nappies, at school or on their way to their first job interview our role as parents never changes. We are there to make sure our children are growing up with healthy bodies and happy minds.

As all parents know from those early days (and quite often more recent days) sleep deprivation is tough. There’s a reason it’s a form of torture in war, it breaks your spirit! Children sleep longer and deeper than adults, and this is crucial for their overall (and future) wellbeing. Here’s how a good night’s sleep can help your child:



Grandma always said if you don’t get a good night’s sleep you won’t grow up to be big and strong! Whether she knew it or not there is actually scientific evidence to back up her theory. The hormone responsible for growth is released during sleep. If someone consistently gets too little sleep then the growth hormone is suppressed, meaning you will actually grow less! Lack of sleep also can affect other hormones. Studies show that sleep deprivation is also linked to other health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

Mind power

Who doesn’t feed their children fish in the hope those magic little Omega 3’s will boost their little grey cells? But what about sleep, what can that do for little brains? All children from babies to teens need a good quantity and quality of sleep to boost and restore their growing brains. Mental ability, concentration and memory are all improved with a good night’s sleep. So swap the late night homework and cramming for a good night’s rest and they’ll thank you for it in more ways than one!

Well being

We all want our kids to be happy, right? We try to make sure they have plenty of fun activities and time with their friends, plenty of stimulating toys and gadgets to play with and most of all plenty of our love and attention! But it’s easy to forget that sleep plays as big a part as any (if not more) when it comes to how our kids feel. Sleeping well at night boosts mood, temperament and can even improve behaviour.

Of course children of all ages resist bedtime but just remember the long term healthy & happy goal (and of course getting more sofa/wine/couple/sleep time ourselves) and try these three things:

Consistent bedtime routine.

It sounds boring but even adults benefit from this! By going through the same routine every day at about the same time both the mind and body and primed and ready for sleep by the time your head touches the pillow.

Limit screen time.

No TV, computers, phones or any other ‘screen time’ ideally at least an hour before bed. There is a lot of new evidence emerging that suggests too much screen time is just not good for us! Adults and children alike are taking longer to get to sleep and less able to stay asleep. So switch off, tune out and turn in!

Comfortable sleep environment.

Your child’s mattress is the most important part of their sleep environment. The mattress should be firm yet supportive so that their spine and back are properly supported while they are growing.

The experts at Chiropedic Bedding have thought carefully about what a growing child needs from a mattress and developed the Just4 Kids range. These beds have a special Chiro Flex ES spring system that is firmer in the centre for extra back support and has double the support around the sides for the constant edge of the bed perching that kids love so much!

They’ve considered those kids with sensitive skin and allergies too! Using Asthma Council approved Dunlop foams within the comfort layers and 100% natural breathable cotton fabric on top. What a natural way to aid your children’s sleep and development!