Is It Time To Make Your Mattress The King of The Bedroom?

19/03/2020 14:49

We have all wanted to come home and fall onto the biggest mattress possible since we were children but is it just childish and irrational or is it time to upgrade our favourite room in the house?

These days with apartments and houses getting smaller it seems almost irresponsible to put a king bed in the bedroom when there is so little room for anything else. However, what is a bedroom really for apart from sleeping? So why shouldn’t the main event of a bedroom be the dream size mattress you have always secretly wanted.

The Australian standard King Mattresses are measured at 183.0cm X 203.2cm (6’ x 6’8”) which when you think about it is only an extra 30.7cm wider that the Australian standard queen size mattress. So now that we have proved that upgrading is not childish but almost more practical, let’s talk about why you would need to upgrade from a Queen to a King mattress.

Some people think it’s unnecessary to have such a large bed for just two people but most people often also complain about rolling into their partner in the middle of the night. Which suggests, if there was an extra 30cm’s space, the chances of you rolling into your spouse and waking up are instantly decreased.

Another great thing about upgrading to a King mattress is the extra storage you can put in the base. At our very own factory in Braybrook, Melbourne, we are able to add up to 4 drawers into our bases. We have a great range of fabrics to choose from, whether you would like a classic Suede look or a more modern look like our new Braga bases, our showrooms are filled with opportunities for your next base.