Is It Memory Foam You Are Looking For? | Chiropedic

31st May 2018

In this day and age, there are so many different materials that go into mattresses it is hard to keep up. You can have latex, gel, latex with gel etc. But one of the materials that people are still confused about is memory foam. Memory foam can be combined with gel and other foams for different feels and support structures.

As memory foam is a specialty foam, it actually does remember your body’s curves as you sleep. Now that doesn’t mean it will remember one specific sleeping position and forever you must sleep like that, but what it does, is allows for the foam to shift around your body to support you.

More often than not, memory foam mattresses are favoured by people wanting soft mattresses because when you lay on it, half your body actually sinks into the mattress to support you which can often feel like lying on a cloud.

Now memory foam is also a brilliant material in terms of keeping a cool mattress, the foam allows for constant breathing and does not hold heat the way some other materials do. This is definitely something to consider when researching for your new mattress!

Another great thing about memory foam is it’s also used to make pillows. Memory foam pillows are great for relieving pressure for the head, neck and shoulders while you sleep. It helps you achieve a good night’s sleep so you don’t wake up with a sore neck to remind you of all the times you fell asleep on the couch and not in your bed!

So when you’re considering buying your next mattress or pillow, make sure you understand exactly what materials you want to be sleeping on for the next few years, and maybe, it is memory foam you are looking for.