I Want A Soft Mattress, No Firm Mattress, No Soft!

19/03/2020 14:49

Soft mattresses, hard mattresses, plush and firm mattresses – what does it all mean and which one is the best for you?

There may not be industry standards to define each mattress feel, but here’s a quick guide to determine which one may be the right feel for you.

Soft Mattresses:

These are the kind of mattresses that honestly feel like you’re on a cloud. The minute you lay down, you can feel your whole body softly becoming one with the mattress. That’s why here at our Factory in Braybrook, Melbourne, we make quality soft mattresses within almost every range we offer. If you’re after a soft mattress, be sure to check out our Cumulus & Elite Visco which have the most luxuriously soft options in our range.

Medium Mattresses:

Medium feel mattresses are a great seller because some of us feel the “soft is too soft” and the “firm is too firm”. Not saying that doesn’t mean you are being picky, it just means you don’t want something too plush or something that you would compare to sleeping on the floor. From that base medium feel, we also manufacture mattresses that are “soft-medium” and “medium-firm”. These feels can be very accommodating to our customers that are a bit more specific about the feel they are after. Our Ultimate luxury & Posture Support Deluxe Medium are 2 of our best sellers as they provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Firm Mattresses:

The firm feel also suits a wide range of consumers because those who sleep on their stomachs like the fact that a firm mattress keeps your spine aligned while they sleep. Not only do we offer firm mattresses, but we offer an Extra Firm and an Ultra firm mattress. These specific feels are targeted to those who want a specific feel while they sleep. While they may not be most consumers’ favourite choice, you will be surprised at the well-founded support these mattresses can offer.

The best way to figure out the right feel for you, is to think about how you sleep and then to simply try as many as you can until you feel your body completely relaxed.