Going From The Nursery Into A Big Kids Room

31st May 2018

A very proud moment that almost all parents enjoy is the time they upgrade their nursery into a big kid’s room. It’s that time when their little one has grown up so much, so fast, that they don’t fit into their tiny cot anymore. They then reminisce about the time they brought their child home from the hospital, so small and innocent. And when they laid them down in their cots for the first time, there was just so much space around the baby that the possibility of them growing too big for it seemed almost impossible.

Sure enough, a few short years later, their precious little baby has grown up, they’ve started to crawl and walk and climb things. That’s about the time you know it’s time to say goodbye to that sweet nursery filled with innocence and baby animals. When that time comes, the big shopping list comes out. Apart from new clothes, bigger diapers, a bigger changing table, they are going to need a bigger bed and mattress.

This is where the fun begins because you get to redesign the entire room to suit your toddler and what fairy tale bedroom they want because “I’m a big kid now”.

Making sure all the furniture and fixtures are safe for children is a key part of this process, even the mattress should also be designed for children their age. Children need mattresses that allow for their spine to grow while offering an ideal comfort layer on the top. It is also important to factor in the occasional bed wetting by purchasing a mattress protector that is waterproof, dust mite proof and easy to wash and dry. You can be sure you will be grateful for the easy washing and drying of the mattress protector at 2 in the morning.

So now that you have redesigned the look of the new big kid's room, you can rest easy knowing your child is sleeping comfortably in their new bed as big kids, not the tiny infant you initially laid to sleep in that same room just a few short years ago.