General Care Of Your Mattress

19/03/2020 14:49

As we all know, technology has changed the way we do just about everything these days. People are often so confused about what they are supposed to do, especially with their mattress.

The question on many people’s lips is: Are we supposed to flip a mattress or is that just old school technology? Let’s break it down for you.

Mattresses that are constructed from Chiro Coil spring systems that have no pillow or posture top can be flipped and rotated. This is one of the most classic constructions in the mattress industry which is why almost everyone thinks they have to flip and rotate their mattress constantly.

With the evolution of technology, most mattresses are now made with pocket springs as their support system. Pocket springs are great because they work to distribute support for your entire body evenly. However, with how they are constructed, a majority are now designed to be one-sided. To ensure you evenly distribute the wear on your mattress, it is recommended you rotate the mattress from head to toe once a month. By removing the flipping process of the mattress, it is now easier to help the life of your mattress last longer than before.

Another very puzzling question that comes up is in regards to the bed you have your mattress on. Does it have curved or flat slats? Curved slats wear down the bottom of your mattress over time, the slats slowly indent the bottom of your mattress and can damage the support system inside. It is important to make sure your ensemble or bed base has flat slats to ensure the bottom of your mattress is being cared for, as well as the top.

With these few helpful tips in mind, you should be able to take care of your mattress for a long time in an efficient and easy way!