Best Pillow For the Best Nights Sleep

19/03/2020 14:49

One of the biggest controversies in the sleep industry is definitely the kind of pillow you are sleeping on. Everyone seems to have the ‘best’ pillow and whatever you are sleeping on, is just not good enough. But what we often don’t realise, is that everyone is different, and everyone sleeps in a different way. This is the biggest thing to consider when you are making the decision to buy a new pillow.

Forget what your neighbour or mother told you about what is right for “you”, and go out and try as many different shapes and feels of pillows that you can. Remember, you’re the one is going to be sleeping on it, so your comfort should be the only thing to consider.

There are currently a wide range of materials used in pillows which can make the decision process hard, but here is a brief explanation on a few of the most important things to consider:


Most pillows can be designed in 2 different shapes – the classic and the contour. The classic shape is the everyday pillow you can flip and rotate as many times as you like. The contour pillow is designed to never be flipped and is shaped to especially support side sleepers. Both shapes will support you as you sleep, but the option is there for comfort purposes.