4 Points To Consider When Buying Mattress Online

19/03/2020 14:49

Buying a mattress online sounds easy and effortless. Searching for products on your phone or laptop is the way forward for many customers. But there are certain things you should know before you click “Buy Now” on your next mattress purchase.

Here are FOUR points to consider before buying a mattress online:

1. Type of mattress

The type of mattress you select is key to the difference between becoming a satisfied customer or one left with a pain in the neck – or more specifically, a pain in the back.According to research, a vast number of those suffering from back pain have complaints directly linked to the type of mattress they use. So, browse through the catalogues and decide if a medium-hard mattress is best for your needs or a soft one. It really all depends on you. Think about what your current mattress is and whether it has worked wonders for you or not.

2.Looks can be deceiving

Although the internet has become a safer ground when it comes to shopping, you still need to be wary of images on the net because pictures are scarcely ever like the object before your eyes. It’s a great idea to search and browse online but if you can, find out where the company’s stores are located and see for yourself which mattress will be perfect for you before you buy it online. You could also easily look up reviews on google about the company. This may help you make a more informed decision.

3.Questions to ask

Remember that even though you are choosing the online route to purchase your new mattress, it is important that you ask the customer services department questions to satisfy your needs before you purchase it. One of the most important questions we recommend asking is if there is a comfort guarantee of any kind, and if there is, what are the details should you want to swap over your new mattress. Also, it won’t hurt to ask if, while they deliver your new bed, can they take your old mattress away?

4.Your bedroom

In our experience after many years of being in the bedding/mattress industry, we find that a vast number of customers do not measure their bedrooms properly. They set their hearts on a queen-size bed and, out of sheer excitement perhaps, they make an impulsive decision to buy one despite the fact it ends up taking most of their room space. That’s why it is important to consider where the new bed will go and if it will be suitable for your bedroom space.

Now that you have decided on the right type of mattress and have assessed the reputability of the online company, feel at ease knowing you have covered all your bases before buying a new mattress. Click here to search for your next mattress online!