Essential general care tips for your mattress

Posted by Chiropedic on 19/03/2020 14:49

Here are a couple of tips to care for your mattress, in order to get the most from your mattress

Sleep is the first part of a healthy lifestyle. A good night's sleep has been widely credited and linked to better mental, physical and emotional health—so it's obvious why everyone's so keen to invest in the best possible sleep products.

Caring for your mattress and mattress maintenance is an essential part of making sure you have a good nights sleep—now, and into the future.

There are certain ways of maximising your mattresses' life span, in order to ensure your mattress can last as long as possible.

For nearly three decades, the spring mattress systems at Chiropedic's mattresses have been repeatedly awarded for excellence in innovation and design. As a family-owned and operated mattress manufacturer and direct-to-consumer retailer, all of our mattresses are made with top-quality materials to last, at the most competitive prices.

We've put together 5 essential general care and maintenance tips for your spring or coiled mattress.

Rotate, don't flip

Mattresses that are constructed with Chiro Coil spring systems, and have no pillow or posture top, only need to be rotated. This is one of the most traditional and classic spring-style constructions in the mattress industry, however with this modern technology and design you no longer need to flip your mattress to improve its longevity.

Our Chiro Coil Springs feature across Chiropedic's Value Select Range, which offers the best quality mattress products for the most budget prices. As we are a direct to consumer business, we can offer mattresses at costs nearly 70% cheaper than the big retailers without compromising quality.

With more modern technology, competitively-priced and luxury mattresses are made with pocket springs as their support system. These advanced spring systems distribute support and pressure relief for your entire body evenly, meaning your mattress will give you total support every night.

Given we tend to prefer a side of the bed (even if you sleep with a partner), eventually, mattresses can develop less pressure on certain sides.

To ensure you evenly distribute the wear on your mattress, it is recommended you rotate the mattress from head to toe once a month. As with the Chiro Coil Spring System, there is no need to flip our pocket spring constructed mattresses.

Choose your bed base carefully

While you don't necessarily need to purchase a matching base with your mattresses, it is essential to ensure your ensemble or bed base is flat to help preserve the integrity of materials (especially your springs) and prevent early wear.

Curved slats wear down the bottom of your mattress over time, as the slats indent the bottom of your mattress may damage the inner support system. This is because they counteract the technology within the spring system, which is designed to work at its best on a flat, stable surface. Curved slats will dramatically change the support and pressure relieving functionality of your mattress.

Chiropedic Mattresses sell a range of multi-functional bed bases to ensure you get the longest life and best performance out of your mattress.

Keep your mattress dry and clean

  • Keep your mattress dry, clean, and ensure to air the mattress out for around four hours when you first purchase it.
  • To ensure your mattress performs as it should, it is important that you keep your mattress dry, clean and protected with a waterproof mattress protector.
  • You should regularly air your mattress and allow sunlight into your bedroom throughout its lifetime.
  • Changing sheets, doonas and pillow cover regularly will also help preserve the freshness of your mattress.

Don't jump on or fold it

Walking, jumping or standing on your mattress can damage the internal spring systems or contents of the mattress. We recommend you don't do this to preserve the integrity of your mattress.

Invest at the start, or trade it in when it's time

If you notice your mattress sagging or waking up with new aches and pains—it's time to trade in your old mattress for a newer model. Even with the best care, the average lifespan of a mattress is 8-10 years. But investing upfront in mattresses that have more sophisticated spring systems, ensuring to care for your mattress throughout its lifetime and following the above tips will help you get the most out of your investment.

We'd love to help you find your dream sleep partner. Take a look at our mattresses online to see our range of spring mattresses. It's important to try before you buy, which is why we have 9 mattress stores across Victoria.