At Chiropedic, we manufacture our beds, bases, and frames using the highest quality materials. From slatted bed frames and bases to adjustable beds, our diverse range of products are priced competitively.

We manufacture our own products, which we sell direct to you for up to 70 per cent cheaper than other retailers. And, we offer up to 20 years of warranty on our products. Check out our range of bed bases and bed frames – your perfect night's sleep is a click away.



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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a bed base, a bed frame, and an adjustable bed?
What are your bed bases made from?
How do I know which mattress goes with which bed base or bed frame?
What sort of bed should I choose if I have back problems?
What does castor refer to?
Do you have beds with built-in storage?
Can you deliver my bed to my home?
What kind of payment options are there?
What is your warranty policy on your beds and bed bases?
Do you offer your 7-day money-back guarantee on beds and bed bases?
How do I know which size bed base and mattress I should buy?

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